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නවතම ස්ථාවර තැන්පතු සහ ණය පොළී අනුපාත ක්ෂණිකව දැනගන්න
නවතම ස්ථාවර තැන්පතු පොළී අනුපාත ක්ෂණිකව දැනගන්න

Alliance Finance Co PLC

Alliance Finance Co PLC (AFC) is the third oldest Finance Company in Sri Lanka established in 1956. We have built our brand with 60 years of trust and integrity with innovative financial services. We are the first Finance Company in Sri Lanka to have Quality Management Systems certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard 

AFC’s commitment to environment sustainability goes beyond engaging in activities that manage consumption of energy and other non-renewable resources. The company’s environmental sustainability sphere also encompasses the very nature of its product offering to contribute to the well-being of the planet.

AFC provides a wide range of products and services including acceptance of Fixed Deposits, Savings Accounts, Leasing, Micro Loans, Gold Loans, Ezy Drive (Vehicle Hire), Autosure - Transport Solutions and other ancillary services arranged through our Island wide branch network.

Alliance Finance Co PLC

Address         : 84 "Alliance House", Ward Place,Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
Telephone : 011 2 673673
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