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නවතම ස්ථාවර තැන්පතු සහ ණය පොළී අනුපාත ක්ෂණිකව දැනගන්න
නවතම ස්ථාවර තැන්පතු පොළී අනුපාත ක්ෂණිකව දැනගන්න

We’ve included a list of important questions that many of us have when it comes to Fixed Deposits. What they are, what they can offer us, the banks and finance companies offering them, and pretty much everything you need to know about Fixed Deposits can be found in the section below. This is your information hub for all things FD.

Fixed Deposit - What is a Fixed Deposit and How does

Why not earn a better and a higher interest rate for your investment?

The pros and cons of Fixed Deposits

Here, we discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Fixed Deposits, as well as alternative investment options.

Withholding Tax (WHT)

WHT – With Holding Tax

Licensed Commercial Banks

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Licensed Specialised Banks

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Licensed Finance Companies

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