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නවතම ස්ථාවර තැන්පතු සහ ණය පොළී අනුපාත ක්ෂණිකව දැනගන්න
නවතම ස්ථාවර තැන්පතු පොළී අනුපාත ක්ෂණිකව දැනගන්න

FIPBOX - Making Fixed Deposits relevant again, in 3 simple clicks.

At Fipbox, we are relooking the potential of Fixed Deposits to make them an exciting investment option once more. Long have their safety and security been known; however, they’ve begun to lack in dynamism in comparison to shares, bonds, bitcoin, etc., over the years.

Our platform injects that much-needed venom into Fixed Deposits once more. We ensure that Fixed Deposits are, not only, a safe bet to place your money in but that we provide, in just 3 steps, the chance for you to invest in an FD of your choice in a stress-free way. Let us guide you through the process smoothly.

How to find the best FD rates in Sri Lanka?

Finding out the highest Fixed Deposit (FD) Interest Rates can be a long, drawn out process for most of us. From having to visit Banks and Finance Companies, or contacting them over the phone, to talking to friends, browsing the internet, to glancing through newspapers, your search for the best FD rates in Sri Lanka can be slow and complicated.

Is there a simpler way?

Of course there is! That’s where Fipbox comes in by providing everything FD-related within a single platform. We remove the clutter surrounding your search for the highest FD rates Sri Lanka has to offer. By presenting everything from the FD rates of all Commercial Banks and Finance Companies, their credit ratings, monthly or at maturity options, to FD investment plans from 1 month up to 60 months, we make your Fixed Deposit investment decision a more relaxed, well-informed one.

A Fixed Deposit under your name, in 3 simple clicks.

Becoming a registered user of Fipbox has several benefits. First up, it is free, and registering with us allows you to completely do away with filling out unnecessarily long Fixed Deposit application forms each time you would like to invest on a Fixed Deposit. As Fipbox grows, a community-like platform for the benefit of Sri Lanka’s Fixed Depositors is what we are creating. Become a part of it today! Click here to become a registered user.

How easy! Your information will be auto-filled on the Fixed Deposit application form.

Once you register with Fipbox and complete our one-time online form, this information will be automatically filled on to the application form required to open the FD of your choice. It is as easy as that!

In simple yet unique ways such as this, Fipbox offers greater incentives for Sri Lanka’s Fixed Depositors community to engage in the practice of investing in Fixed Deposits once more. Also, we educate our community in an interactive way by sharing rich content on investment ideas and best practices. Check out our blog here.

Fipbox offers access to high-return FDs in a unique way by using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

What is it that turns us away from opening a Fixed Deposit with a Bank or Finance Company? It is usually the hassle of visiting them in-person, making numerous phone calls, wondering if better rates and greater benefits are offered by others, and other such problems.

We find ourself in a fix. Have to be smart and look around…but have to invest soon too. So what can we do? We invest after considering only a handful of rates and other details, without proper exposure to all the market information available.

This is where Fipbox comes in. Our website compiles everything you need to know about verified Fixed Deposits currently on offer through Sri Lanka’s Banks and Finance Companies. Our platform allows these institutions themselves to update the rates offered directly, so this is reflected in real time on Fipbox for your benefit.

Fipbox presents all relevant information in an easy-to-understand format so that you can decide where you would like to open a Fixed Deposit, after having considered all the options. Start now.

Completely remove the unnecessary step of filling out individual application forms when opening Fixed Deposits. With Fipbox, your information is captured using our unique online form just once. Thereafter, this information is passed on directly to the Bank or Finance Company you chose to open your Fixed Deposit with. Your Fixed Deposit is, therefore, made directly with – and processed by and held by – the Bank or Financial Company you choose to go with.

Fipbox ( is a centralized digital market that allows Financial Institutions to list their rates and Investors to easily access these potential Fixed Deposit options.

At its core, what Fipbox allows you to do is to shop around for the best Fixed Deposit rates and deal within a unified platform. Our website presents you with a new way of looking at Fixed Deposits, not only as a safe investment but as an option for you to be dynamic in how you open Fixed Deposits and how you monitor the return you make on them. Shop around for the best rates, invest, and make a high return! Get started now with Fipbox.