FIPBOX - Invest In the best deals on Fixed Deposit Rates in 03 clicks.

Fipbox is your one destination for anything and everything you need to know when it comes to fixed deposits With FIPBOX, all you have to do is follow 3 simple steps to get the best deals in fixed deposits.

Fipbox is an innovative cloud-based Fixed Deposit (FD) Investment facilitation platform designed to make all your investments on Fixed deposits decisions faster, easier and infinitely more efficient.

How to find the best deal for fixed deposit rates in Sri Lanka?

Fixed Deposit (FD) Interest Rate search is a complex process for most people, which would include contacting Banks or Finance Companies, talking to friends and conducting online searches.

What is the Easy way?

We at Fipbox understand that conducting a search online for the best fixed deposit rates in Sri Lanka can be a challenging task for lay investors, but FIPBOX simplifies the entire Fixed Deposit rate search process by providing all the required information such as fixed deposit interest rates, credit rating of all Commercial Banks and Registered finance companies in Sri Lanka on this platform.

Fixed Deposit, in 03 simple clicks.

Once you become a registered user of FIPBOX, you can make your Fixed Deposit in three simple clicks! It effectively does away with the need to fill long, traditional fixed deposit application forms each time you are investing on a fixed deposit and wait for a response. Become a user of Sri Lanka’s largest fixed Depositors community. Click to Sign up

Your information will be auto filled on the Fixed Deposit Application form

Fipbox will make sure your information will be automatically filled on to your preferred, verified fixed deposit interest rates listed on the Fipbox platform. FIPBOX educates the Sri Lankan Fixed Depositors community about investment ideas and best practices by sharing content on investment and money saving matters.

Fipbox is the fastest, easiest, most efficient and transparent investment tool accessible from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

How often have you opened a Fixed Deposit with a Bank or Financial Institution, while wondering if there is a better rate or more benefits being offered by other companies? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Fipbox is a website that provides all the collected information about Fixed Deposit rates, returns, and various benefits offered on the Fixed Deposit investments, by Banks and Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka. All the updated, current information is presented to you in an easy-to-understand format and you can decide where to open your Fixed Deposit after having seen all the information.

Fipbox is the online information portal, where you can find information and get in touch with the Banks and Financial Companies offering the Fixed Deposits, so that you can avoid filling in individual application forms. But your Fixed Deposit is made directly with – and processed by and held by – the Bank or Financial Company you select to make your deposit with.

With Fipbox ( on your desktop, you can make fast, efficient and informed decisions about where to open your Fixed Deposit within the range of Fixed Deposit investment options available. Fipbox is a centralized digital market that allows Financial Institutions to list their rates and Investors to easily access these potential Fixed Deposit options. 

FipBox eliminates time wasted on phone calls and inquiries, where usually an investor needs to individually contact various Banks and financial institutions to obtain Fixed Deposit rates on offer at a given time. Often, individual investors don’t have the time to spend on gathering comprehensive information from all Banks and financial companies, and make their Fixed Deposit decision based on only the details they have found. But with Fipbox, now they can shop around for the best rates and deals for their Fixed Deposit.