Fipbox is a cloud-based peer-to-peer lending platform designed to make investment decisions faster, easier and infinitely more efficient.

We took a look at the long, manual process an investor has to undergo to make a Commercial Paper transaction or a Repurchase Agreement and wondered why this cannot be improved, or more specifically as to why the entire process cannot take place online thus making the entire transaction far more convenient for everyone. We have created a centralized digital market that allows issuers to list their rates and investors to easily access potential investment options. This eliminates time wasted on phone calls where the investor must call issuers individually to inquire on rates thus significantly limiting the reach of an investor. By bringing everyone to a single marketplace, we are broadening the scope for both parties, allowing issuers to reach out to more investors and the investors enjoy hassle-free and larger pool of potential investments.

Fipbox is the fastest, easiest, most efficient and transparent investment tool accessible from your desktop.


Individuals and corporates with excess funds looking for alternate avenues of generating an additional return and diversifying their portfolio. These investors include High net worth individuals, Unit trusts, Provident funds, Primary dealers and Banks.


Corporates, Financial institutes, Insurance companies and Banks willing to borrow funds through Commercial papers, Fixed deposits and repo's.